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The CLEAR MISSION is to collectively liberate humanity from BIG TECH tyranny one mobile user at a time.

Learn more about the decentralized mobile revolution by watching the following videos...

1. Michael Proper, CEO - Welcome to ClearPHONE

2. Think Clearly - Take Back Your Privacy

3. Clear United - The ClearPHONE

4. Clear Foundation Video - Clear Token

5. Zoom Call With Crypto Caleb & Friends

[Joined by Michael Proper, Clear United CEO]

6. Clear 620 Unboxing Video Review With Crypto Caleb

7. Clear IOS Apps. vs. Android IOS Apps

With open source Clear United Phones YOU have options!

8. Getting Paid in Crypto with Clear Pay

Showing you how to swap commissions for crypto!

9. Clear United Pre-Launch Webinar Event with Michael Proper

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